Trivet Medium GeoJazz Charcoal

Trivet Medium GeoJazz Charcoal

Add a modern aesthetic while protecting your tabletop surfaces. These trivets come in 3 sizes to provide a variety of uses. Naturally water repellant and heat resistant with a cork backing for an added level of protection. Mix and match different patterns or use a set of three to display items or serve food. Beautiful and functional for use anywhere in your home bringing joy to your everyday!

Hand-printed and cut in our studio. All products are made in Toronto.

  • Medium: 9" x 9" (22.86 cm x 22.86 cm) 
  • Front: 100% wool felt
  • Back: natural cork 
  • Cleaning: wool felt is naturally water repellant so spills bead in the surface and can be gently blotted up or gently spot clean with mild detergent and water. See our Product Care & Info for more.

This trivet is the ideal size for a mousepad.