" Combining natural materials with art and design, I create objects that tell a story, invite engagement and provide a quiet moment of joy in their everyday use.
 Lorraine Tuson is a designer, artist and printmaker whose work has been commissioned by renowned international brands. A deep respect for the handmade led Lorraine into book design, producing textiles and making jewelry. Her design aesthetic is informed by history, ideas and an intuitive approach that draws from both her British upbringing and her Canadian professional life.
Her work evolved from experimentation across many media and combines unique surface design with a variety of natural materials with an emphasis on function and form. Lorraine's handmade objects are designed to last and celebrate a diverse modern aesthetic from the geometric to the painterly.
Providing an insight into the workings of an artist and designer, Lorraine's studio is a place of chaos and calm that embodies her spirit of experimentation with ink, paint, paper, fabric and objects. Layers of material, leather and felt cover the tables. Tools and brushes sit above sewing machines. Collages lay beside stacked silk screens. Lorraine’s work explores the layering of materials in painting, drawing, and printmaking and their forms are inspired by the fusion of mark-making and texture.
Lorraine Tuson creates objects and furnishings that explore story through her collections; Conversation, Narrative, Monologue and Dialogue. Conversation displays personal products for you and your loved ones. Narrative focuses on products that add to the story of your home. Monologue is a platform for her unique, one of a kind items and Dialogue opens the door for commissions and collaborations. She welcomes any inquiries about her work and for commissions.
Contact Lorraine at : lorraine@lorrainetuson.com.