All of our products are made by hand in studio or locally with care, from natural materials and silk screened by Lorraine in her Toronto studio.
Our Materials
We use solvent free organic inks on our products. 
Felt is an eco friendly product made by an age old technique of taking raw wool and putting it through a wet felting process. Fibres are separated, soaked and agitated which ultimately binds them together into a beautifully textured material. Strong, heat resistant and naturally water repellant. Altogether a wonderfully durable and long lasting material. It is very important to me that I use materials that are as environmentally green as possible. Our 100% wool felt is the highest quality felt sourced from a company that is committed to environmental awareness through green energy, minimizing waste and recycling. Our felt is free of harmful materials and biodegradable, which means any of our off-cuts will not add to the waste burden in landfills. Our cushion envelope backs are made from an organic 55% hemp and 45% cotton mix. 
Our felt is the highest quality 100% wool. It's natural oils help give it added protection by naturally repelling liquids which makes spills easy to blot up. To clean simply blot up liquids and dab the felt--don't rub. Felt is made up of natural fibers and you want to pull the spill out and not flatten the fibers. Spot cleaning: You can gently spot clean with a mild detergent, warm water and a paper towel. Wet the spot with water and your detergent. Then blot the area until most of it is dry and repeat if necessary. The printed pattern is very durable but remember never rub--just blot the surface
Our wool trivets have a cork backing giving them an extra level of protection. You can wipe the cork with a damp cloth.